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i. Blood Pressure Check

ii. Fasting/Random Blood Sugar Screening

iii. Malarial Parasite Test

iv. Venereal Disease Research Laboratory Test (Syphilis Test)

v. Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C Screening

vi. HIV Screening

vii. Urinalysis

viii. MCS (ECS/HVS/Sputum/Urine)

ix. Blood Group

x. Genotype

xi. Pregnancy Test

xii. Packed Cell Volume (PCV)

xiii. Full Blood Count

i. Body Fat Percentage

ii. Visceral Fat

iii. Body Age

iv. Weight

v.  Body Mass Index

vi. Skeletal Muscle Percentage

vii. Resting Metabolism

Pre-marital counselling and testing is a therapy that helps soon-to-be couples as they prepare for marriage, providing them with crucial health assessment in order to ensure a strong and healthy relationship, thus giving a better chance for a stable and satisfying marriage.