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Our Strategy

We identify with the challenges encountered by our government to meet the health needs of the rural population, including vulnerable communities in remote areas. Such challenges may include the demotivation of skilled health professionals to work in rural areas, and perhaps their emigration to other climes for better working conditions after their training.

To increase access to health workers in rural areas and improve their health outcomes, we propose that this foundational responsibility be shared and the participation be all-inclusive.



Wellness Africa Foundation is willing to take up the responsibility of co-ordinating stakeholders to achieve the desired result: effectiveness of primary healthcare centres and health posts in rural communities.

Explanation of the figure above:

From the North to WAF: Support from corporates, NGOs, individuals, donor agencies, professional health associations, religious organisations etc.

From the East to WAF: Policy direction, regulations, manpower etc from government; best practice, capacity building etc from development partners.

From the West to WAF: Collaboration from private sector health service providers.

From WAF to South: Effective deployment of services to rural and peri-urban communities.