...Promoting healthy communities

What we do



  1. Community Medical Outreach

Wellness Africa Foundation facilitates community medical outreaches to address the primary healthcare challenges of rural and peri-urban communities with the aim of complimenting the effort of government as well as others, including development partners, donor agencies, corporates, individuals etc.

Specifically, the objectives are (but not limited) to:

  1. embark on public health awareness and sensitization (health) talks on malaria, hypertension, diabetes, malnutrition, hygiene, immunization, HIV/AIDS etc and other ailments affecting the local community.
  2. conduct health fitness checks (vital signs) and certify their health stability.
  3. carry out consultations and administer drugs, or health counselling as deemed necessary.
  4. refer cases beyond primary healthcare to government-owned and government-approved (pre-agreed) health facilities.


  1. Health Walks

Beginning 2019, Wellness Africa Foundation is proposing to coordinate yearly health walks for ‘the revamp of healthcare centres in Nigeria’. The objectives of this health walk are to:

  1. create awareness for the rehabilitation of the healthcare centres.
  2. facilitate the rehabilitation of the healthcare centres.
  3. establish healthcare posts at critical areas where there are no primary healthcare centres.
  4. support effective service delivery at rehabilitated primary healthcare centres.


  1. Community Healthcare Post

Wellness Africa Foundation will facilitate the opening of community healthcare posts at locations considered to be in dire need of a health facility. The aim of a community healthcare post is to improve service delivery in the rural health sector, hereby reducing avoidable deaths.

Among others, the objectives of the healthcare post are to:

  1. be the first line of assessment of clinical condition, and decision on further diagnosis, treatment and/or referral to a secondary medical facility
  2. be the first point of call for treatment for minor health conditions.
  3. be the centre for all public health activities, awareness, advocacy, and public health campaigns.
  4. support government and relevant institutions with critical health data for informed policy formulation and direction.



Rural livelihood programmes are aimed at supporting incomes of rural households especially during off-farming seasons. Wellness Africa Foundation will facilitate empowerment programmes for farmers and productive members of their households. WAF will also support linkage of farmers to market.